End the Bad Moods

We all have bad days.

From breakups to noisy children, we have a very hard time grasping our better mood. Generally, we search for the bright light that shines somewhere on the internet. Be it cat videos, finding moments of kindness, amazing photoshop tutorials, or whatever tickles your fancy. There are just some things that just might not be a great idea to do.

#5 Scare Yourself Senseless
Photographer: Moyan Brenn Horror movie girl. You should not watch this when in a bad mood.Alright! A great new movie has come out, too bad its a horror movie. If you’re looking to feel great, avoid these. Besides the fact that people are getting slaughtered. The movie never has a happy ending, giving you nothing to look forward too.

#4 Party Hard
Photographer: Abstrkt.chDJ from a Zurich night club

Guess what? Partying hard doesn’t do justice for you when you’re in a sour mood. All that partying may make you feel great for the short-term, but, the long-term effects leaves its grueling mark once its over, fatigue. This makes a sour mood, all the more sour.

#3 Drinking
Photographer: Zach BaranowskiSleeman beer in front of a light

Okay, okay. This definitely does work with #4, but, it can be done at home too, so it gets it own slot. Those who indulge themselves never work through their problems. Instead they drink themselves to a stupor and feel a little better. Another bad day comes along, and the cycle repeats. This never ends well for the indulger, and should always be avoided when in a bad mood.

#2 Smoke Up
Photographer: Fried DoughCigarette lit

Health watchers have been advocating against this for a long time. Cigarettes, like booze, can only give you the feeling of relief. Sure, in the short run, you may seem like you feel better. But keep a tab on how often your mood is more easily ruined and you’ll see, that no, cigarettes are making things worse for you.

#1 Go Right Back Into What Ruined Your Day
Photographer: Saurabh VyasTurning around too soon can lead to anger increase

Nothing screams “don’t do it!”, more than your mind when going back into the fray. Sure, you may want to make things better by turning around, but when your steaming, your steaming. Your natural filters are off and your liable to do something stupid which in effect ruins your mood further. When in doubt of when to turn back, leave for 20mins to cool yourself off then, you can properly judge if its worth going back.


Images #5, 4, 2, & featured: License
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