Give in to the Good Times

Bad day? Yes, I’ve been there too.

Unfortunately, it happens more often than we would like. How can we turn our frowny face right side up? If you’ve been reading my “What not to do on bad days” then guess what, this will be the exact opposite of that. I’ve brought you 5 ways to turn that frown, upside down.

#5 Visit Your Local Park
Photographer: Lisa DeeAssiniboia Park, Winnipeg
Ever wonder why people who love nature are so happy? Its because nature has a calming effect. Pair that with the smiles of children and you have yourself a cure.


#4 Watch Children’s Movie
Photographer: Danielle Elder
Disney Movies
The need to infuse positivity and humor (as well as some subtle adult humor) into kids movies can help you see the good in things. Need specifics? Try Kung Fu Panda or one of the Tinkerbell movies. Or for us millenials, try Hercules or the Little Mermaid. Each character has their own hurdles to pass and as they pass each and every one of them, your subtly influenced to do so yourself.


#3 Reminisce About the Good Things in your Life
Photographer: Melissa O’DonohueHappy Girl Sepia Tone.jpg
This can either be done by looking at pictures, or by just going and taking a look at those closest to you and remembering how wonderful they’ve been to you in the past. Looking back is one of our best traits and helps us remember why smiling should be our main past time.


#2 Listen to Upbeat Music
Photographer: Audio-TechnicaWoman Wearing Headphones.jpg
Although some people do question the effectiveness of using music to improve your mood. One thing that can be said is that music is honey to the ears, and gives us the feeling of nostalgia. Just don’t listen to songs of depression, they can do the opposite¬†of what you desire.


#1 Karaoke
Photographer: Andrew Yee
Yes, I know. You’re asking, are you serious? Yes, I am serious. Nothing can improve a mood better than singing to your favourite song, either alone or with some pals. Besides, if you haven’t tried it before you’ll feel a little silly, but, don’t let that stop you. Keep singing and you’ll feel the silliness surround you and it’ll actually make you happy! You don’t even need a mic, just bust out your remote and pretend its a mic.

For those of you who are looking for something more than a top 5, how about reading this book! The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything. Give yourself something good to feel good.

Do you agree with these? Send me a comment on any ideas you may have on your mind and I’ll find a way to put them into my future posts!

Image #5, 4, and 1 : License
Image #3, 2, and featured: License



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