Canadian Parliament. Its Meant to be Better.

Justin Trudeau 2015 election.jpgPrime Minister Trudeau, the man whose smiles makes men and women swoon like little school children; has smudged his reputation with a single-handed action.


I’d like to make mention that #Elbowgate is ridiculous, this was overblown, but the way Parliament handled it needs to be addressed.

May 18 is when it occurred. Trudeau in an attempt to make his C-14 (Doctor Assisted Suicide) pass, used time-allocation to speed it through, it is something the Harper government enjoyed employing. Well the NDP and CPC, decided that they will stall the bill at least by 3 minutes in an attempt to ruin the liberals schedule, the reason? Motion 6, which was hidden deeply in the Orders of the Day, among other partisan acts of the LPC.

So the story goes. The House Whip, Dominic LeBlanc failed to get LPC members inside the house to vote on the Air Canada Act. This led to a draw in the vote, broken by the speaker who voted in favour of it. Soon after, the government decided, in all their disrespectful glory to attempt motion 6. This would strip the Opposition (all of them) of the loopholes that allow the delaying of unsatisfactory bills for the spring season. Obviously, telling the opposition that they are forbidden from having a say against the government is ridiculous! But, trying to pass a motion that enforces it, even more so. Because of this, the opposition members all rallied together. This is beautiful as Trudeau wanted to rally the government together with him, but instead they rallied against him.

Fast forward a bit. The official oppositions whip tried to get past a small crowd of NDP (Tom Mulcair and Ruth Ellen Brosseau among them) but can’t. Trudeau noticed this and unfortunately got out of his seat, swore at Mulcair and dragged the whip so that he could stride forward and bow to the Speaker. Now, this alone is something that should be frowned upon because what the PM did is not allowed in the House. But wait there’s more. In the dragging, he elbowed Ruth Ellen Brosseau’s chest (accidentally, evident by the video) in a way that actually forced her into Niki Ashton’s desk.  This was an overwhelming experience, as things like this never happen. She left the chamber thereby forfeiting her vote. Trudeau then leaves is seat again. Supposively to apologise to her. Instead, he turns and gets into a shouting match with Mulcair (Angry Tom returns, great to see by the way). The parties all begin to form a circle in a street brawl fashion. Eventually the Speaker, unefficiently speaks and things settle, slightly.

Now you may say, this goes on everywhere and we should just accept it. Well guess what, it does, but not in Canadian Parliament. If you take a look at other Parliaments around the world, they literally man-handle, fight, and get into brawls. Just take a look the Taiwanese Parliament. An embarrassment to say to least. That is something that is completely foreign to us. Also, the PM is equivalent to a CEO. If this happens, especially when its recorded, steamed publicly, and now dominates news outlets and social media. The CEO becomes stripped of his powers and/or is heavily-disciplined. 

To those who devour their sources of news from social media, reject news outlets, and also don’t follow politics well enough to know that this here, is essentially something that doesn’t happen. Why? Because this is the House of Commons, where those elevated above the ranks of regular citizens sit to debate, legislate, and ultimately agree to pass bills that benefit the common citizen. We did not elect children to go about dragging and strong-arming others into submission. This is not a dictatorship.

It is unfortunate that I myself witnessed this, because I did not vote LPC. But, like all of us Canadians we always give the benefit of the doubt to those we hope can do something good. Trudeau’s actions, notice I say Trudeau not the Liberal Party (for now), are disrespectful and deserve to be punished, whether he is a regular citizen or a Prime Minister. To put this in comparison, if Harper strode across and did the same thing, the public would have a field day. We would all be calling for his resignation claiming that he disgraces democracy and “man-handling” others is never permitted within our institutions. Trudeau fortunately is so much the popular one that he can get away with it, albeit not completely. Just listen to The National’s At Issue Panel: Justin Trudeau’s Elbowing Incident.

This has to be taken into consideration, as well as the way our democracy is run. Yes, we know that the NDP and CPC were being mischievious. But. The bell (to call members in to vote) did not ring for more than a minute before Trudeau strode across. This was Trudeau’s impatience and childishness, front and centre for the public to view. As for the Party. They cheered Trudeau’s actions. Cheered. The minimized everything, with as an air of superiority. As if doing that wasn’t enough, the party touted it as acceptable and then began to blame the opposition for any wrongdoings and compared Ruth Ellen Brosseau’s reaction to the elbow to a soccer dive in the World Cup.

Now I mentioned that MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau was elbowed, well guess what? She is now being martyred by the pubic as having faked and embellished, her reaction to the elbow. This is completely nonsensical. The public should be ashamed that they are tossing her under the bus just because they enjoy Justin Trudeau. Ruth Ellen Brosseau deserves better than this. Instead of turning her into a martyr, just realise the fact that Trudeau did this, said he did, and apologised. This was not fake, an overreaction, and should not be forgotten. Thankfully other MPs and the public (the ones who aren’t trolling around) understand this and are keeping a closer eye on Trudeau.

One thing I’d like to mention is the (amusing) tweets coming off of MP Michelle Rempel, although I don’t like her very much, she is a great MP and deserves respect.

Michelle Rempels tweet to Trudeau elbowing Ruth Ellen-Brosseau

As for the decorum and the way  Trudeau wanted to run the government. I would have to say he is like a childish Harper. If he doesn’t get his way, he becomes irritated, angry, and prone to using partisan methods to get his way. Now I don’t agree that he has fire in his eyes like a CPC member stated (ridiculous comparison). Be it the opposition annoying him, fighting against his authority, or just being mischeivious. Thankfully, the LPC did give something to the opposition in way of an appeasement. They removed Motion 6, something that should never have been put forward in the first place.

In respect, Trudeau wanted to be a better government. We support him in that endeavour. Trudeau needs to grow up and realise that he doesn’t own the sandbox. Its not a take-take relationship.

Justin Trudeau speaking

That eccentric boy we saw years back in the House. Remember the one with the crazy hairstyle and the one who sticks out his tongue and swears at other members? Yes, that’s him. Let’s not see him return.

The House deserves adults who respect and realise that it has to work with everyone elected, and not just aim to do what it wants like a dictatorship.


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