Kerfuffle in the House

By now everyone knows of #elbowgate. Using ‘gate’ has become a ridiculous trend that everyone with a computer use nowadays to express outrage, whether justified or not. In this case, it has been brought forward in the case of Prime Minister elbowing Ruth Ellen Brosseau while he manhandled Gord Brown (say what you like, it did happen), the official oppositions whip.

Now you’re probably rolling your eyeballs. Don’t worry I am too. Not at the fact t happened, but be because this is unacceptable. Also, unacceptable was that the entire Liberal caucus applauded the Prime Minsters lack of respect for his fellow elected MP.

As for the Oppositions reaction. Extreme overreaction. Saying this without context is also an insult to you, the reader. So let’s input context. Since the Liberals came into power, they came in with the notion that they could just ask politely for the opposition parties support on everything that ‘they wanted’. Turns out, the opposition wasn’t going to play ball. Obviously, this is because the point of having an opposition is so they can, oppose. Well fast forward. Over the past 6 months, the opposition has been fighting with the government because the government realised they couldn’t get what they wanted done. So guess what. They adopted Harper-esque principles. Lets reminisce.

Remember that during Harpers reign, the Conservatives used every manner of methods to silence debate. From time-allocation to omnibus bills. Well during the election campaign of the liberals, they promised that they would ‘never’ do that if they came into power. Why? Because, they would do things differently, and work with all parties for the good of Canada. Nice sentiment, too bad its completely unrealistic, especially if you make an incredible number of promises to the public in which you would finish it by the first term in office. Needless to say, they broke and side-linded many of their promises.

Back to the matter at hand. The government then decides that they want more unilateral power (see the problem?). Using C-14 (Doctor Assisted-Suicide) as a plank to do it. So, the government buries a motion into the orders of the day, called Motion 6. Unfortunately for them, many experts, and courts have agreed that no. C-14 it does not need to pass into law immediately. Why? The Carter ruling has already been established and is now the fallback for every judge. I also, want to mention that the Liberals have been asking for a fight since they keep playing their elitist, partisan games. Both against the opposition and the house itself. As for motion 6, it will strip all the methods (during the spring season) that the opposition have in order to express their opposition with what the government is doing at the time. Obviously this is worse than what Harper ever tried.

Thanks to that disgusting anti-democratic motion, they became enemy #1 for democracy, even getting negative reactions from those in other countries. So what to do about this? Well, since the government decided to be jerks, the Opposition decided to be jerks. In a NDP attempt to block voting for C-14, which would cause it to pass the second reading, the NDP formed a wall preventing MP Gord Brown from passing them to take his seat. Trudeau spotted this and marched over to the NDP crowd, allegely told the Tom Mulcair to “Get the f–k out of the way!”, grabbed Gord Browns arm against his will, elbowed Ruth Ellens chest and caused her to fall back into the desk of Niki Ashton, and frog marched him to his seat so the vote could start.

Was the PMs needed to get Gord to his seat? No.
Could the vote start without Gord Brown taking his seat? Yes.
Did the PM disgrace the House with his actions? Yes.

This was insulting to the position of Prime Minister, insulting to MPs, insulting to us followers of politics, and above all, insulting to the standards of respect set forth by our House of Commons. As a Canadian we value that our ability to be act kindly to each other, and show proper respect to others, even against your opposition. The PM himself elaborated during his campaign that nothing like this would ever happen. A new way of government would be done. Well he definitely has showed us a new way of governing, strong-arming and forcing his will on the opposition. Eyeing them as peons, rather than accepting their different perspectives, which he could wave off with his perfect smile. Hey, his popularity is so high, what does he care. He’ll get re-elected into another term, just because he has celebrity status.

The house deserves a better brand of Prime Minister.

Is this article meant to say I despise him, or am calling for him to step down? Not a chance.
Is this article meant to say that the opposition parties are innocent? Not a chance.

Because he sits atop the highest position in Canada, he has a responsibility to be better. Unkind, arrogant, egotistical, and entitled. That was him before the campaign. I believed, although skeptical at the same time, that he would change government for the better. Right now, although I feel like he embarassed government, he could bounce back by ending his partisan games and doing exactly as he promised during his campaign.

Working together with other parties.
Ending the partisan motions that Harper used.
Truly bringing sunny way back to the Canadian Government and in effect, helping the Canadians most vulnerable, that should be his goal.

    No more partisan antics.


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