Old Bias? Let it Go

I grew up in a household that discriminated against homosexuals. Although it wasn’t done outwardly, it lingered within my family for many years. Thankfully, like any young introverted child, I was completely oblivious to it. Heck, I couldn’t even grasp the concept of “what is a girl.” My entire life until I was sixteen was completely focused seeing another human being as a human being.

What I mean by this, is I couldn’t see a girl as a girl, a boy as a boy, homosexual, heterosexual, nobody was different, people were just people. Of course at around sixteen I only noticed differences because that was when I became interested in what people seemed to be interested in. We know that in High School, most teens are d–ks. But, even at that point, slurs and the like didn’t stay long in my head.  I stayed viewing the world all the same, although more aware that things like this were spoken of.

I’m now 28 and am paying more attention to the world. So, as I watch as LGBT are being discriminated against, it makes me wonder just what is wrong with people? I grew up just seeing another person, why didn’t everyone else?

In the southern States and in small parts of Canada. The hot topic of the day is implementing a gender neutral washroom. There are groups completely opposed to this. Why? ‘To protect the children’. This is just another line that hides true meaning. That meaning is “these people are not who we want, we do not want to be influenced by them.” In a world where acceptance of people no matter how they choose to live their lives, why must the LGBT community be constantly be targetted as something akin to immoral?

In Canada, the government just passed a bill the allows Transgenders to be protected under the Human Rights Act after three times being passed in the House. Unfortunately, it has to go through the senate Which historically has been quick to unreasonably reason, “it can’t be passed” under the guise of ‘protecting the children.’ Now we all know this lie is the same as what you’ve just read above. A lie most senators hope will stick. Is this important you ask? Of course. Choosing who you love is something that should be raised, not buried. We are in the 21st century, not the dark ages.

Lesbian, gay, bi, trans, among others are not taboo words or promises of immoral pathways. Those old, religiously imposed notions should be left behind to rot inside their despicable graves. Only looked at, to be spat upon. That said, the LGBT community is nothing to be afraid of. Whether homosexual or heterosexual, life is so much better when we accept others and see that no matter who we love, we are the same.

If your interested in learning more about the LGBT community of the U.S.. Then check out this book detailing how it has progressed over the years.

A Queer Thing Happened To America: And what a long, strange trip it’s been
More transgender people reported killed in 2015 than in any other year
Op-ed: Trans Men Experience Far More Violence Than Most People AssumeThe Extraordinarily Common Violence Against LGBT People in America
Bill C-16: An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code


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