The States Revealed How Broken They Are

As we know Trump has become President Elect. The world is terrified at what the hell is going to happen. Is war going to be launched? Trades pacts torn? Alliance cancelled? So much uncertainty lies in our future now.

No, I’m not an American, but it doesn’t matter! The world formed a post-world war alliance of consentual protection against facism. Against those who would attempt to enslave people to their will & murder those who would attempt to resist.

The Americans are propping up the world with their massive military power. Of course they are. That was what was agreed! The States have a large army, the rest of us have smaller armies. This was done because the European countries which have a long history of waging wars were not trusted to hold all that military might. The States which was the land of the “free” was trusted that they will not misuse that power were granted that “right!” The fact that they had the large army meant they had the potential to deploy larger armies around the globe to aid other countries who in their own defence and to deter others from starting their own small wars. Global protection and trust is what happened in post-world war earth!

The Americans pay too much for NAFTA? Are they not the richest of all countries? Why are they? They “were” the most trusted country so they became the most traded with, further increasing their wealth.

Trade is bad!? No. If you take away trade from the States and only keep everything local, what would happen? All those auto factories, mines, hi-tech, retail, manual labour, etc. will severely diminish! All those extra jobs that propped up, guess what? They were able to grow because they had access to investment to and fro the rest of the global economy. Without the global economy, the States would never have grown to be a technological/military super power.

Forget the fact that Hilary has been badgered and attacked for decades since she decided to ambitiously aim for higher office. Didn’t know that? Yes, shes been under constant attack since she entered the political scene decades ago due to one fact, she didn’t appeal to the notion of the “female homemaker”. But I digress. If Trump is allowed to isolate the States from the world will lose in many of our 1st world features, but the States will be hit the hardest because almost everything that was possible to be created and all those people who didn’t have to live and watch their children starve will again have to go back to that style of living.

Good luck to the States, your American dream is dead. The American nightmare is beginning and you will not be getting your dream back for many many decades.


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