Leitch: Canada’s Trump

Things are definitely changing and hopefully Canada doesn’t reflect this in our own democracy. Kelly Leitch is trying to entice Canadians to vote her into the Progressive Conservative leadership. Is it time for Canada to join the foray into this anti-trade sentiment?

We Canadians watched as Brexit erupted in the UK. It devastated them and they have recovered, but not so much. EU is now in a state of flux.

We Canadians watched as Trump won the presidency. It showed a real schism between races. I mean an actual schism in which nearly half support Trumps rhetoric and those who don’t.

I honestly don’t believe that Leitch will get the nomination.But, Trump wasn’t likely to get his nomination , Brexit was never suppose to win. But it happened.

Even though we Canadians are nearly immune to this irrational sentiment, thanks to our sincere openness and sincerity to the multiculturalism and global trade, we most likely will see Leitch burn and crash. Possibly attempting her own 3rd party.

Although unlikely, we should not be arrogant. A Trump-like leader may show up and rally those who have no sense and we’ll be in the exact same boat as both the US and UK.

Two candidates to be wary of? Leitch and O’Leary.


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