Is Mulcair Really to Blame?

Its been one year since the federal elections in which Trudeau reigns supreme. Harper has left government and now does consulting. What has Mulcair been up too? Still running the NDP.

You see after the election, the leadership convention began. At the end of it the members voted for Mulcair to step down with a hairs split. This is insanely close. Mulcair decided that he would step down once a new leader takes the mantle. Trouble is no one wants it.

Its not that Mulcair is blocking people from stepping up. Its that the NDP caucus (you know the ones who work with Mulcair personally) agreed to let him stay on as leader until a replacement is named.

So in effect. Those inside caucus want him to stay. Those outside of caucus want him gone.

All the blame for a NDP loss went directly to Mulcair.


He was the leader at the time of the loss.

The reason they lost was not due to the fact that he was a bad leader. He lost because Trudeau was better at self promotion. Using every modern means available to him. But we must also not forget that he brilliantly outflanked the NDP by taking the left away from them. A tactic used by his predecessors to take down the NDP years ago.

Also lets not discount the ABC voters, anti-conservative/Harper votes and non-voters. Voting could honestly have gone either way.

I’ll admit Mulcair was odd during the debates. His creepy smirk and glossy eyes made me shudder. This was a Mulcair that was not Mulcair. Maybe it was because he was trying to give off a more happy appearance than his usual “hit em where it counts” House of Commons attitude. But, it failed. Remember, every potential Prime Minister has his advisors. If this was a problem, what in the world were they doing about it?

As for NDP core values. Mulcair follows that narrow line of staying above the pettiness of dirty politics rather fighting for the lower class/middle class/minorities of Canada. That is why the NDP were formed, to protect those who were suppressed by majority white rule (Still a case today, but that power is diminishing).

What those NDP members who just want to run the government have to realise is that the party is more about who sits on the throne but who sits on the throne without bodies at their feet. A party that focuses on just attaining the throne misleads and overemphasises what they are capable of actually delivering. I mean are you really comfortable with this constant cycle of voting for politicians who BS you.

If the NDP did ever lose their moral high ground, then why bother calling themselves NDP? They may as well join the CPC or LPC.

The question that needs to be answered is, do these same members who chose to be NDP, want a government that misleads/overemphasises to gain power or do they want a government that leads with integrity/honesty to gain power.

Morals v. Immoral
Spectacle v. Genuineness

Mulcair isn’t the source of the problem nor should he be sacrificed to this petty blame game that losers like to play. The problem is voters not being able to distinguish between mere spectacle and fantasy over what is genuine and honest.

A Prime Minister of Canada isn’t someone who should so easily dismiss the morality of openess, kindness or transparency. But he shouldn’t be someone who willingly abuses it. Mulcair isn’t someone who abuses his privilege as MP, nor does he act against NDP core values, if anything he aspires to be NDP.

Voters these days want to be blinded by spectacle instead of honest integrity. I mean we’ve just watched the Presidential Elections. Is that what we want?


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