Donald Trump

The States Revealed How Broken They Are

As we know Trump has become President Elect. The world is terrified at what the hell is going to happen. Is war going to be launched? Trades pacts torn? Alliance cancelled? So much uncertainty lies in our future now. Continue reading

Why is accepting LGBTQ so hard?

Old Bias? Let it Go

I grew up in a household that discriminated against homosexuals. Although it wasn’t done outwardly, it lingered within my family for many years. Thankfully, like any young introverted child, I was completely oblivious to it. Heck, I couldn’t even grasp the concept of “what is a girl.” My entire life until I was sixteen was completely focused seeing another human being as a human being. Continue reading

Trudeau saying get the fuck out of the way

Kerfuffle in the House

By now everyone knows of #elbowgate. Using ‘gate’ has become a ridiculous trend that everyone with a computer use nowadays to express outrage, whether justified or not. In this case, it has been brought forward in the case of Prime Minister elbowing Ruth Ellen Brosseau while he manhandled Gord Brown (say what you like, it did happen), the official oppositions whip.
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Becoming debt free

7 Ways to Crush Debt

Featured Image: Simon Cunningham

Anyone can slip into the debt train, and before you realise it, your 1000km ahead of where you started.

What that means is that even if you don’t intentionally try to borrow (yes, borrow, because its not your money) too much at a time, or rather borrow microscopic amounts. Eventually, it adds up to more than your income can handle. I know this because I’ve been there. Being a young man, I didn’t realise that receiving credit cards didn’t mean “debit cards” and that the money wasn’t originally mine. Or, that by not paying the monthly minimum I would be charged interest. That interest, in my case 19.99% generally is what makes debt worse and harder to pay off. This includes student loans, which Millenials are having a lot of trouble paying off, mainly because of government policies, but lets save government policy on education for another time. Now that isn’t to say its impossible to become debt free, or that you’ll have to cut back, in your basic necessities, but rather, your going to need to close that fist tight around your money and not be so liberal.

I will outline the 7 ways that I managed to pay off both my credit cards, and student loan. Continue reading


Canadian Parliament. Its Meant to be Better.

Justin Trudeau 2015 election.jpgPrime Minister Trudeau, the man whose smiles makes men and women swoon like little school children; has smudged his reputation with a single-handed action.


I’d like to make mention that #Elbowgate is ridiculous, this was overblown, but the way Parliament handled it needs to be addressed.

May 18 is when it occurred. Trudeau in an attempt to make his C-14 (Doctor Assisted Suicide) pass, used time-allocation to speed it through, it is something the Harper government enjoyed employing. Well the NDP and CPC, decided that they will stall the bill at least by 3 minutes in an attempt to ruin the liberals schedule, the reason? Motion 6, which was hidden deeply in the Orders of the Day, among other partisan acts of the LPC.
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End the Bad Moods

We all have bad days.

From breakups to noisy children, we have a very hard time grasping our better mood. Generally, we search for the bright light that shines somewhere on the internet. Be it cat videos, finding moments of kindness, amazing photoshop tutorials, or whatever tickles your fancy. There are just some things that just might not be a great idea to do.

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